Incredible Week

This has been a great week… from discussions with partners on inclusion/business culture, meetings with funders and getting closer to the final/final space plan with the design/architecture/development team (and superstar David Brown.) I’m blown away by the amazing people in this world and very thankful we’re a team to make this vision a reality. 

Oh, the smart, smart people!

One of the greatest things I’ve learned over the past decade working in the garden world, with Peterson Garden Project and making my City Grange vision a reality is how amazing people are. I’ve asked for a LOT of advice along the way and find most people are kind, enthusiastic and willing to share what they know. Here you see my friend Maribeth working some “retail flow magic” on the newest proposed floor plan for our building. I couldn’t get this project off the ground without her and many, many other amazing friends, consultants and true believers… And I’m so excited about the friends and collaborators I haven’t met yet! #socialenterprise

Community Process

Full house last night at the community meeting for the development where my new business, City Grange, will be 1st floor anchor tenant! From all accounts, it was “the best community dialogue on a proposed development EVER” – so that’s a good sign! Always happy to be in front of a crowd with the amazing David Brown from Harrington Brown LLC! Also thankful for all my supporters who showed up including garden industry expert and Peterson Garden Project board member Tony Abruscato from Chicago Flower & Garden Show who you can see taking photos in the corner. Obviously this was before I got up to do my tap dance… Learning so much about this real estate process! It is fascinating. And, as I’ve learned through my years with PGP, the power of community is awe inspiring. Plenty more community meetings to come if you want to join the fun! 

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