Flagship Location
Opening Spring 2020
in Evanston, Illinois

What if your life could be simpler, greener, healthier, more connected to others, and more grounded in what really matters?Acorn

At its heart, City Grange will be a reinvented-for-today garden center, offering a thoughtfully curated collection of what you need to create environmentally-friendly organic gardens in your own backyard, rooftop, or in the empty lot around the corner.


It will also be a lush destination, filled with the beautiful sights and smells of things that are growing, where you can enjoy lunch at our garden-to-table restaurant, or catch up with friends over coffee with one of the best local, organic roasts.

It will be a place to gather with family and neighbors for a party or a workshop or a wedding in our American-floral-and-organic-plant-surrounded event spaces.

And with our flourishing demo garden, this is a place where you'll be able to learn from our founder, author, teacher and acclaimed gardener, LaManda Joy, and other passionate organic gardeners, to get hands-in-the-soil education and sky's-the-limit inspiration.

City Grange will be a place that's good for all of us. Committed to conserving, recycling, upcycling, supporting local nonprofits, training and hiring at-risk youth, and using a supply chain of local artists and farmers, when you shop or dine or meet up at City Grange you'll be able to support your neighbors, while taking part in the quiet, but revolutionary, organic gardening movement.

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We hope you'll join us when our flagship City Grange store opens in 2020 to experience for yourself the way gardening can transform our personal lives, our communities, and the life of our planet.

Whether you're a first time or a long time gardener, you'll feel right at home here.

  • Curated to keep things simple
  • Organic and sustainable all the way
  • Focused on small space gardening
  • Local and artisan gifts and home
  • Giving back to the community

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The City Grange flagship location begins construction in 2018 on the corner of Howard Street and Chicago Avenue in Evanston, Illinois.