Fresher Together

Chef Fresh Robeson started Fresher Together to use food and growing as a way to collaborate around healing, economic development, and training. We’re excited to partner with Chef Fresh and Fresher Together to help bring food and gardening to even more folks in Chicago. 

Fresher Together is a collaborative food and farming project for healing, economic development, training and retreat. From soil to humans Fresher Together creates nourishing food and spaces that are restorative and support well-being. Fresher Together envisions thriving land with accessible nourishing food, well-being, and community wealth. Their meals seek to provide delicious nourishing culturally relevant food that is accessible to all no matter what dietary restrictions, illness, allergies, or socioeconomic status. 

Whether in the kitchen or on the farm, Fresher Together strongly believes in the African Proverb, “If you want to go fast go alone, If you want to go far, go together”. Thus they strive for a more just food system and do their work through collaboration and partnership. 

Their new project is the Fresher Together BIPOC Harvest bag. A biweekly bag that supports and highlights Black, Indigenous, and People of Color farmers. These bags will not only highlight the produce grown by Fresher Together partner farmers, but also their honey, value added products, eggs, mushrooms, and chickens. Fresher Together also values the needed collaboration between rural and urban growers to be successful so they have farmers from Pembroke Township to Chicago in their core collaboration.

These bags will be available for purchase, but will also be distributed to emergency feeding mutual aid programs within the community. The Covid19 impact on Black and brown communities is the highest amongst any demographic. These communities have the highest rates of positive tests across the city and are also more likely to have jobs as essential workers or to have lost jobs in our current economic downturn. Fresher Togethers BIPOC Harvest Bags will help provide critical support for communities that have been hit hard. The purchased bags will help continue to sustain this model and continue to support BIPOC farmers in the greater Chicagoland area.

City Grange is so pleased to be supporting this work both through helping raise money for the Harvest Bags and through acting as a pick-up site out of both our Lincoln Square and Beverly stores.