Hello CPS Teachers


Hello CPS teachers. 

We know it’s been rough with the school year starting and a potential strike looming. We want to help because our motto (and our heartfelt belief) is that United We Blossom. 

Come visit anytime and we have a six pack of Fall veggies for you. Use them in a school garden. Use them in a biology class. Or, heck, grow them for yourself because we know you don’t get paid nearly enough. 

If you want us to send some educational information you can share with your students - What is organic vs. sustainable vs. conventional? Growing veggies in Fall? Using recycled plastic (the pots are made from ocean plastic!) we can do that, too, if it would be helpful.

Sign up below if you want any info. Or if you want to keep in touch (particularly the school garden leaders - maybe we can help in spring, too.) 

But none of that is required. 

We just want you to have a little something cheerful to remind you how important you are. 

Come visit us at 5500 N. Western Ave. during opening hours, show us your CPS badge and we’ll get a veggie six-pack ready for you. And a hug, too, if you want one.

Thank you for all you do.