Houseplant Basics

When decorating a home, office, or even just a small room of your own... houseplants are a beautiful way to make any space special adding life, and oxygen, wherever they are. And with some basic considerations houseplants can be easy to care for companions for years to come...

First comes light

No matter what the light situation is in your house, there are plants that are a good fit. But matching plants and available light is important for success so you’ll still need to spend a little bit of time taking stock of your light resources before jumping right into buying plants.

Low Light

Many houseplant favorites, such as ZZ plant or Pothos, do well with low light. Low light is described as when a plant does not receive any direct sunlight. Often these plants are situated several feet from bright light or in north or eastern facing windows with sheer curtains. Most artificial light meant for humans will also be considered low light by our plant friends.

Indirect (medium) Light

Plants that are situated near sunny windows but obstructed or near sunny windows that are covered by a sheer curtain are in what we would consider indirect light or filtered light. Plants that do well in indirect light include prayer plant and Chinese evergreen

Bright Light

Sunny, unobstructed south or west facing windows are what we consider bright light for houseplants. Plants that prefer bright light do best with 6 or so hours close to one of these windows. If you’ve got good bright light you can provide a happy home for aloe and ponytail palms.

What about soil?

Houseplants can do well in a wide variety of potting soils. Choose one that works well for you. We carry and love Organic Mechanics.

No matter what you choose make sure that it includes aeration, nutrition, and controls moisture in a way that works for your plant.

Succulents need better drainage than ferns. You can achieve that with soil blends made for succulents (we have one we love HERE) or you can add something like perlite which can improve drainage. For a selection of other helpful soil amendments, click HERE.

Watering Needs

The amount of water needed will vary plant by plant and season by season. Get to know your plants to best meet their watering needs. That being said, all plants need drainage! It is best to place all plants in pots with drainage holes. If you do want to put your plant in a container without any holes then you can add drainage by layering sand, charcoal, and/or rocks at the bottom of your container.

Find Some Friends

Now that you’ve got the basics down it’s time to find some friends! We have plants to fit any room, budget, and knowledge.

Find your own Happy Houseplants HERE