Landscaping Savvy: Fall is the New Spring

Fall is a great time to think about landscape additions and upgrades. You’ve been appreciating your space (and maybe noticing its shortcomings) all summer and now is the time to make those little tweaks to catapult your outdoor space into fall beauty.

Why plant in autumn?

First and foremost, less to do in spring! Many trees, shrubs, grasses, and flowering perennials do really well when planted in late season cooler temperatures. The soil is still nice and warm after a long hot summer and the foliage doesn't have to struggle under a stifling sun. They are able to focus on root development and really establish themselves. This means next year when it warms up, plants will be ready to put out new growth and show their beauty. If you plant in spring, your plant will be trying to both establish a root system and show off a flower! Not to mention, trying to recover from spring snow storms...

Additionally, with less heat and water stress to worry about, plants that go in for fall have a better transplant success rate and are less work for their human caretakers. They also provide new food sources for animals in the fall when they are stocking up for migration or winter.

What can you plant in fall?

Start with big plantings in early fall, and finish with your bulbs. Here at City Grange we love to work with Anemone ‘September Charm’, which is a great mid-height perennial. If you plant one, in a few years, you’ll have the equivalent of three. Like the name suggests, come September it really steals the show. It works great with Rudbeckia ‘American Gold Rush’, which can also be planted well into autumn. Aster is a great back of border plant, while balloon flower is a great front of border plant. 

As we build our fall landscapes for our design clients, we also like to think about what will plant now and shine in early spring. This is where bulbs come in. Try Camassia, Bloodroot, or Jack-in-the-Pulpit if you’re looking for something other than the classics. 

Another way to liven up your fall landscaping for the last couple months of the growing season is to add seasonal containers to your landscaping. These can easily be arranged to augment your existing plants and can be an economical and easy way to add some fall interest to your outdoor spaces. Why not add an edible chard to the mix, too? 

Looking for more ways to add fall interest to your landscaping? Join us on 9/15 at 6pm to learn from our Lady of Landscaping, Bridget Walsh about easy ways to invigorate your landscaping for fall! Sign up HERE.