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Organic Kitchen Garden Collection + Pre-Order

Welcome to our happy place...

Our special custom collections have been in the works since fall of 2019. We’re really excited and proud of them. Everything edible on this list (except the Citrus Celebration collection) is either certified organic or grown with organic principles by family farm partners in suburban and rural areas close to Chicago.

90% of the collection is grown in plastic free containers… this is a real feat we are also quite happy about. It wasn’t easy but we collaborated with (and sometimes cajoled) our growers into using pots made of rice hulls, wood fiber or other environmentally friendly, compostable options. 

We like unique plants… like scented geraniums (that can be used for cooking or DYI projects), hops for the home brewing curious, wellness herbs, stunning vintage dahlias and more. The natural world offers so much beauty - we want to make as much of it available as possible.

And the veggies… most garden centers go deep (a lot of a few varieties) but we like to go WIDE (a few of an abundance of varieties) because, again, there is so much out there to explore in your garden and on your plate. Luffa, bitter melon, ground cherries, green-when-ripe tomatoes, goji berries, edible flowers...
Be adventurous - your mouth, and your soul, will benefit.

Five Important Ordering Instructions: Please Read (and download the handy guide above):


Make a separate order for every week of availability (see graphic below). Our backend system (and customer service team) will thank you. We’re doing our best to be an online provider but it is new to us. Plus we don't have the space or staff to keep plants you order mid-April alive through mid-May. Please follow this one rule and everything will be much smoother. Thank you.


Availability generally corresponds with when plants should go in the ground. That’s why we don’t offer our Hot Crops until May. While you could put tomatoes/peppers/eggplant in the ground earlier, they won’t be happy in cooler weather. There’s logic in this list. Trust us, we're here to help your garden thrive.


Contact-less delivery or curbside… Nobody knows how long Shelter in Place will last. It might end April 30, it might not. If you don’t want to pay a delivery fee for each week’s order, consider curbside. If you change your mind, we can add delivery back in. Who can predict the future right now? Not us.

Important note on delivery: For the safety of our delivery drivers they will only take your items to your curb, front door or back yard — not up stairs to your roof, not inside your building... just the curb, front door or back yard. No exceptions, sorry.


If you have a huge order (lots of plants plus multiple bags of soil or other heavy products) pick curbside at checkout and send us a note if you actually want delivery. We’ll arrange something beyond our basic delivery service.


On that note… please don’t hoard. There’s enough for everyone and we think this summer that food gardening is going to mean a lot to people. Order only what you need so others can enjoy growing veggies, too…

Accidental hoarder because you're not sure how much you really need for your garden? Check out this handy garden planning tool that will help you determine how many plants can happily fit in your space.

Helpful Graphic: Collection Availability by Week 


Now that you've kindly read through all that important info, here's the link to the Organic Kitchen Garden Collection + Pre-Order