From the Gardener's Brain: Shedding Light on Light

Shedding Light on Light

Before you start making your Great Grow Along selections, let us shed some light on...light. Shade can be a blessing or a curse when you’re trying to garden. Some plants prefer a little break from the sun. Some want to bask in it. This guide will help you choose the perfect plants for your container, depending on its location.

Have more shade than sun? Don’t sweat it. The kits listed here are happy with a little less light. And less heat from the sun means you may need to water less frequently. Your plants won’t become huge, but they will survive just fine and you get to enjoy the process of watching things grow. Pro tip: Rotate the pot frequently so everyone gets their moment in the light!

  • Bee Buffet
  • Happy Herbs

It’s true that more sun definitely means more productive plants. If you can put your container in a spot with at least 4-6 hours of sun, they will make you look like you’ve been gardening all your life. These kits are ready to add their gorgeousness to any spot you’ve got that’s a mix of sun and shade.

  • Edible & Ornamental
  • Tea Lovers

Got sun? Get these. They love being in 6+ hours of sun and will grow prolifically.

Please note: Container gardens are notorious for needing more water than in-ground or raised bed gardens, so try to get in a routine for watering your plants – morning coffee for you? A drink for your garden, too! Evening cocktail on the porch = a refresher for your garden. On really hot days, you may need to water even more frequently. You’ll know when your plants are thirsty by their appearance. Simple test: Stick your finger in the soil and if it’s dry, well, so are your plants.

[Bad at watering? We love this line of self-watering pots. They take “no brainer container” to a whole new level.]