The Cocktail Garden

The Summer Garden contains many delights, including the makings of botanical-inspired cocktails.

Cocktail Garden
Herbs make the tastiest additions to your meals and they also lend wonderful flavor to beverages and cocktails. Imagine dining al fresco and snipping mint for your iced tea or picking a cucumber fresh from the vine for your mojito.

You don't need much space for herbs, and you will want to contain them so they don't take over your garden. Our Cocktail Garden container is beautiful, functional and delicious - a perfect host or hostess gift. Cheers!

Want to learn more about garden-inspired cocktails? Join us Wednesday nights (July 24 - August 28) and learn about herbal cocktails from the masters. Our friends from Appel's Cordials will be on-site each Wednesday creating complimentary garden-inspired cocktails with their delicious cordials, fresh garden herbs and spirits. We’ll have music, stories for the children, food and other fun stuff... and, of course, the beautiful Summer Garden for you to enjoy.

Sage Advice Recipe (on the rocks)

1 part Sage-infused vodka
1 tbsp Cucumber Syrup
2 parts Sparkling lemonade
Garnish with sliced lemon and rolled sliced sage

Sage-Infused Vodka
Add fresh cut sage to vodka
Leave at room temperature for at least 2 days not more than 4 days
(at more than 4 days strain and remove sage from vodka)

Cucumber Syrup
In saucepan combine:
1.5 cps water and 1.5 cps sugar
Bring to a simmer until sugar is completely dissolved
Turn off heat, add 1 grated cucumber (seeds removed) and 1/2 tsp. fresh ginger
Let pan cool, leave at least overnight in refrigerator
Strain out cucumber through sieve

Sage Advice Cocktail

Photo by Shawn-Erik Toth