Bring Me a Garden

If you want to garden, you need a place to do it. We’re experts at all the pieces that go into a successful raised bed garden and we want to bring you one. We make it as simple as possible! All you have to do is dump in the soil and plant your seedlings and be excited that your new gardening adventure has begun.

Step 1: Decide Where Your Garden Will Go

Got the spot for your raised bed? Measure the space carefully. We’re making these beds just for you so no returns.

Step 2: Pick Garden Size & Select Wood

We have three sizes to choose from. Choose between Douglas Fir and Cedar.

Step 3: Pick Plant Kits

Need plants and didn't pick some already? We recommend choosing 2-4 Kits with Coaching for each raised bed. New to gardening? We have suggestions below.

Step 4: Schedule Delivery

Pick a delivery date after April 24 at checkout. Also buying plant kits? Then schedule delivery May 13 - May 24 to get everything delivered on the same day.

Step 5: We Deliver

On your selected day we’ll assemble your raised bed, put it where you want it to go and bring enough soil to fill it.
NOTE: You have to pour the soil in yourself.

Step 6: Bonus!

We'll send you a copy of Fearless Food Gardening in Chicagoland ASAP so you can start learning.

Pick Your Wood & Garden Size

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New to Gardening?

These collections will arrive with a planting plan that takes into account bed size, plant height and other variables. The mix of plants includes a variety of vegetables, herbs and edible flowers that attract pollinators to make your organic garden healthy and tasty.

You'll also get all the education we're providing with the Kits with Coaching so you'll have expert, exclusive advice all summer long

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One Last Thing...

You've almost got everything you need for your gardening adventure to begin... we've curated this collection of our favorite tools, organic fertilizers, mulches and other things you'll need. And, of course, we include instructions on how and when to use them.

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