Container Design & Install

Since many of us in urban areas have limited space, containers provide opportunities for small-space beauty.

The mission of City Grange is to remove every barrier to your gardening success...

Our container design team creates innovative designs using unique, useful and long-lasting plant material so no matter if you're on a budget, like doing the work yourself or want it all done for you, our curated products and design ensure a beautiful end result.

DIY Options

Like doing the work yourself? Curated products and quick shopping visits get the job done - beautifully.

No Brainer Container curated kits offer the best plants - and instructions - to make your containers amazing.

Window Box of Wonder curated kits keep it simple for planing successful window boxes

Container Coaching Session

Special circumstances? Strange shaped container? Weird conditions? A 20 minute shopping session should do it.

Full Service Options

Like the end result but not the process? We've got you covered...

Have just a few containers and want to do no work? Order our Containers of Joy. Each is custom designed based on what's most beautiful in-store and meant to "drop in" to your existing planters. All you have to know is size and sun or shade... easy.

Custom Design & Install

Custom design projects start at $1k for customers with large/multi container jobs (home and business). Due to demand, pre-payment is required to schedule an appointment. Learn more when you initiate your project...