City Grange #2 Flagship Coming to Evanston In 2021

On its way is our flagship Evanston location, where we’re growing all out to make you the gardener you’ve always known you could be. (Or at least, secretly hoped you could be!) Our eco-consciously curated collection includes everything you need to create abundant organic gardens in your own backyard, rooftop, condo balcony or the empty lot around the corner. Simply. And successfully.

It will also be a lush destination where you can lunch at our garden-to-table restaurant, or catch up over coffee with one of the best local, organic roasts. You can gather with family and neighbors for a party or a workshop or say “I do” in our American-floral-and-organic-plant- surrounded event spaces.

And with our flourishing demo garden, not only will you get some hands-in-the-soil education, you’ll get to see plants just like the ones you have at home or may be taking home that day, and ask questions and problem solve with our bounty of passionate, talented, dedicated organic gardeners who make up City Grange.