Feel Good @ City Grange


At City Grange, you’re a part of something bigger. And that feels good. Because you’ll always know that everything you buy, grow, gift or share from us is selected to do hard and important work in our community and in the world.

Supporting local organic farmers is at the top of our list and we are rethinking the supply chain to do so. It’s a big undertaking but we are very serious about this.

We are also serious about our commitment to the future by creating jobs and hiring and training at-risk populations. We want to be a role model of how to invest in our community as a business and train a new generation of garden leaders and educators in the process.

How else can we do that? By sourcing environmentally responsible products from small businesses and American Made whenever possible. And by supporting local nonprofit gardening and environmental organizations, such as Peterson Garden Project, Get Growing Foundation, SlowFood Chicago and Chicago Market. (Because nothing grows alone!)

And, most importantly, we are committed to making sure that whatever size your garden is, it grows. Abundantly. Simply. Joyfully. (We use those words a lot because we mean them.)

But our zealousness does not stop there… we are also dedicated to:

  • Source organic and pesticide-free plants and work with growers and suppliers that have earth-friendly practices
  • Reduce the amount of plastic that comes into, and out of, our plant yard
  • Compost our yard waste
  • Work with artists to create one-of-a-kind garden products out of recycled materials
  • Raise awareness of new products and technologies that save natural resources
  • Support sustainable gardening by focusing on natives, pollinator friendly and food plants