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Fulfillment Options

Hello. We have some news that you probably aren’t going to like - we don’t like it either but here goes:

There are further complications with your vegetable order. In addition to the pending rain Tuesday - Thursday this week (which prevents our staff from working and our growers from delivering, potentially) there have been additional crop failures that make your order impossible to send in completion.

This is a frustrating situation all around as we know some of you have been waiting for your orders and have already been impacted by bad weather and previous crop failures/supply chain issues.

The pandemic and spring are a bad combo.

We want to offer you these options. Please pick one and we’ll make it happen:

Option 1:
We’ll issue a store credit in the amount of your order and give you first dibs on the vegetables we do have when we partially open our Lincoln Square shop (5500 N Western) this coming Friday, May 29. In addition to the store credit for the value of your order we will also include a $5 gift certificate and you will get first sign-up option to come and select your own vegetables based on what we’ll have in stock. We can’t guarantee what we’ll have but we do have deliveries coming in between now and Friday - weather and crop failure permitting.

Option 2:
We’ll issue you a store credit in the amount of your order plus a $5 gift certificate and you can visit our Beverly location which has an assortment of vegetables and herbs (just not the ones you ordered, unfortunately.) That location is open 10-6pm Wednesday - Sunday with timed entry for everyone’s safety.

Option 3:
Store credit to use at any time in the next year with a $10 gift certificate.

Option 4:
Refund of your order plus a $10 gift certificate.

Option 5:
Keep waiting and we’ll fulfill it soon as we can.