2019 Great Grow Along - How It Works

Nothing grows alone. But united? We blossom.

That’s why we started the Great Grow Along for 2019. We were moved by all the possibilities born with the Victory Garden movement. The community-creating empowerment of coming together with friends and neighbors to garden. To grow your own food, serve it to your family or share with others.  

It was a combination of support, supplies and space that made that movement so successful, and we’ve taken those same elements and updated them for 2019 and today’s urban gardener. Here’s how it works:

  1. It’s winter! Pick your plant kit (or kits) from a wide selection pre-designed for the most savory food growing success possible. Pre-orders end March 1.
  2. Our local organic farming partners begin growing those plants just for you in early spring
  3. It’s May! (planting time in Chicago) Pick up your thriving plants or have them delivered right to your home. Easy easy easy. Your garden is already growing.
  4. Transfer them to containers, raised beds, wherever you want them to live, (we have everything you need at City Grange to make that a successful transfer) then follow along with videos about the exact plants you are growing at citygrange.com.
  5. We’ll be growing the same kits right along with you all season long, trouble shooting, sharing tips and successes. We’ll even have a phone app just for members of the Great Grow Along.  It’s like being a part of one big city wide community garden – the Great Grow Along Community.
  6. Feel good bonus: You’ll be growing green in more ways than one. Proceeds from the sale of select kits are donated directly to nonprofits who are mobilizing for environmental good.

Your Great Grow Along options, thoughtfully curated and ready to grow...