Happy Houseplants

The world of houseplants is deep and wide - there’s much to learn and much to be intimidated by. Don’t worry, if this is your first foray into plant parenthood - or maybe you need a trusted source for the good stuff - our Plant Geeks have you covered.

Each week we’ll have new offerings of the freshest, healthiest plants direct from our growers in Florida along with hot pots and other must-haves for your houseplant adventure.


Longtime gardeners develop their favorites, the go-tos they know look great and thrive. Our Plant Boss and Houseplant Dude have curated a collection of the best of the best that they’ve known, loved and grown themselves. We’ve worked with our growers to select plants we’re proud of and we’re excited to offer them to you.

Each plant description includes sun and water requirements and if the plant is pet safe. As well as a helpful descriptions of light and water requirements.