Due to staffing and other COVID related snafus we will not have Christmas trees in 2021

Kits with Coaching

Curated plant collections served garden-ready, supported by weekly education, delivered to you electronically, to help you and the plants thrive.

Step 1: Pick Your Curated Kit(s)

What do you like to eat? Pick the kit(s) that sound tastiest.

Step 2: Grown Locally Just For You

Local USDA certified organic farmers grow plants just for you.

Step 3: Shipped to You

Early May, when the weather is right and the plants are happy, we deliver your kits directly to you.

Step 4: Grow Along!

In May, we plant the exact same plants as you and share weekly expert growing tips and advice all season long via email or text.

Step 1: Select Your Curated Kit(s)

Kits with Benefits

As if this project wasn’t fun enough, a portion of the proceeds from these three kits benefit partners who provide garden and food education in Chicago.

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Tried & True Just for You

A feast for both eyes and plates, here are five of our favorite proven combinations.
Because who doesn’t love a sure thing?

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Need Somewhere to Plant?

Need containers for your balcony or porch? Or looking for a simple raised bed solution to garden in your yard? We have curated solutions for that too.

Now take a deep breath…we’ve got your (garden’s) back

Did you purchase your kits? If not, click here to checkout. Your happy, healthy plants will arrive in early May (perfect planting weather) and with each one you put into the soil, know that we will be too. We’re growing all the same kits as you, then providing weekly updates and instructions exclusively for our Great Grow Along community via text, email or both. Your choice!