Veggie Starts

Our two stores are now open, with safely protocols in place. Visit us today to get your vegetables - there's still time to get them into the ground.

Note that we no longer offer veggie starts for delivery or curbside pickup (many other items are still available, however).

Heirloom and others, mostly organically grown, selected for our beloved customers. Enjoy...

Our special custom collections have been in the works since fall of 2019. We’re really excited and proud of them. Everything edible on this list (except the Citrus Celebration collection) is either certified organic or grown with organic principles by family farms in suburban and rural areas close to Chicago.

Tasty greens that flourish in the cooler temps of early Spring plus longer season "cole" crops to pop in now for harvest later in Summer.

Tomatoes - Queens of the Garden - along with other heat lovers: eggplant, pepper, tomatillo and more.

Old standbys and soon-to-be new favorites. Your culinary game just got an (organic) flavor boost...

Goji, honey berries, strawberries and more... tasty treats from the garden that are good for you, too.

Why settle for one or two boring mints when a whole world of flavor awaits? Your cocktail game just got epic.

Lovely... and tasty. Edible flowers are the utility player of the home garden. Pretty, great for pollinators and pretty great on your plate.

Crazy hot peppers for crazy people. You asked for them (incessantly). Here they are. Grow at your own risk...

Take your home brewing to the next level by growing your own hops. This fast growing plant also makes a great privacy screen if you don't want to share your beer with the neighbors...

Adorable citrus trees to enjoy outdoors in the summer and bring indoors in the winter. Grown in Florida, these cuties will make you smile.

Sure, they're a little old fashioned but Grandma had something up her sleeve. Good for canning, DIY projects and more. Rediscover them for yourself.

Fancy a patch of beauty you can also bring indoors? DIY a backyard wedding? Share with friends? This special selection is easy to grow and easy to love.

We love dahlias. These fat plants will blossom all Summer long with colors and petals that will make you swoon.

Grow your own tea... and so much more. Wellness herbs promote a healthy lifestyle.