What We Believe

We believe the world will be a better place with more gardeners in it. We exist to remove any and all barriers (or as many as we can!) to your gardening success.

    City Grange provides an authentic, rooted, friendly, functional and community-building experience - one that brings to life our whole-hearted belief that, United We Blossom.

    We do that by offering our launch initiative, the 2019 Great Grow Along, as well as two convenient locations for you to immerse yourself in all things garden…our “appetizer” location in Chicago - City Grange #1 located at 5500 N Western Ave. This repurposed 1930's service station offers a little taste of all the ways we’re growing gardening to be as local, as learnable, and as doable as possible, whatever kind of gardener you are...or want to be.

    And our second location, City Grange #2, is set to open in 2021 on the corner of Evanston and Rogers Park (130 Chicago Avenue, Evanston). This will be a lush retail destination with a garden-to-table restaurant…a café featuring local, organic roasts…event and gathering spaces…and a flourishing teaching garden for hands-in-the-soil education and sky’s-the-limit inspiration…

    City Grange is here to help people experience for themselves how gardening can transform not just their personal lives, families, neighborhoods and cities, but the life of the planet as well.