Chicago Compost by Healthy Soil Compost LLC, 1.5 Cubic Foot Bag
Chicago Compost by Healthy Soil Compost LLC, 1.5 Cubic Foot Bag

Chicago Compost by Healthy Soil Compost LLC, 1.5 Cubic Foot Bag

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We’re so excited about this product! Healthy Soils has been collecting home and restaurant kitchen food scraps and converting them into the most locally made compost you can get your hands on. 

On top of that, instead of using plastic bags, they’ve partnered with Intelligentsia Coffee to reuse their bulk burlap coffee bean bags.

City Grange is the sole retail distributor of this stellar product - it will make your garden healthy and robust and you can feel good for supporting so many local businesses in the process - plastic free!

This bag weighs approximately 30 pounds.

This compost is annually certified by the US Composting Council and produced from food-scraps and plant-based waste collected by Healthy Soil Compost program contributors. This finished compost is packed with nutrients for uses with ALL gardening purposes.

The burlap bag packaging is 100% compostable! Beginning as a waste product from a Chicago coffee roaster and UP-cycled into this plastic-free packaging option, Adding a new life to a wasted resource and providing employment to Chicago textile artisans.

Other uses for the bag include:

  • A soil cover - just cut and lay flat over bare soil to help with soil moisture retention, preventing/killing weeds, and reducing soil’s exposure to sunlight.
  • An outdoor planter-pot


  • OUTDOOR GARDEN, Top the soil with 2" of compost before and after any growing season, 
  • INDOOR GARDEN: combine a 30:70 Compost-Soil mixture.Combine with any soil mix.
  • Or add large spoonful-size portions to already potted plants as a top layer of 1-2 inches,
  • NOTE: avoid fresh compost coming into contact with growing plant stems.

Support Healthy Soil Compost

UPDATED Tuesday, March 31

Our mission is to remove every barrier to your gardening success. 

And we feel that mission is even more important in the light of COVID-19.

  • Since our business is considered essential (agriculture, landscaping) we are operating on a limited basis to maintain perishable inventory and deliver food and other plants, food garden supplies and related materials. 
  • We will be offering contact-less delivery Friday through Sunday or by appointment for large orders.
  • We will be offering curbside pick-up Friday and Saturday or by appointment for large orders.
  • No one other than staff and delivery drivers are allowed on premises.

For more useful information on our general shipping/delivery policies, click HERE.

Most of our staff is working from home to offer online support for pre-ordering of vegetable plants and food garden building materials. As well as offer online consultations for landscaping, food gardening, gardening with kids, etc. (You can learn more about consulting services HERE.)

Our landscape design team is in full swing creating backyard paradises for our customers. To contact them, click HERE.

In-store we are working on two person shifts for receiving, order processing and pick-up. There is one person in the store and one person in the yard at any given shift. They are maintaining maximum social distance. Each shift ends with disinfecting everything. 

Delivery drivers work solo - they come to the yard, get premade orders and deliver to you contact-less. You’ll receive a text from your driver asking where to put your order. They wear gloves. They are also, still, friends and family who are unemployed from their regular jobs due to the pandemic.

Thank you for being part of our community of customers, gardeners and friends.

A few ways your continued support helps our small, woman owned business:

  • Well, we’re small and woman owned
  • Our growers are all midwest, family owned businesses
  • We buy from US made, small businesses whenever possible
  • Our staff includes industry professionals and members of our United We Blossom job training team. Many of them have families.
  • Delivery drivers are friends and family whose jobs have been put on hold due to their business sectors (photography, events, others) being put on hold
  • As a social enterprise, we believe the world would be a better place with more gardeners in it and we need a better world now more than ever
  • We employ the community… and we are the community