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No Brainer Container

No Brainer Container

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We all need easy right now and our Plant Boss, Joan Murray, has put together the simplest possible way to have beautiful containers through the end of summer and beyond.

The "No Brainer Container" means a no brainer for YOUR container... all you have to do is pick Sun or Shade and the size of your container. We'll deliver (or you can pick up) the best, most beautiful plants for you to plant in your own containers for glorious beauty through the end of summer and beyond.

(We've said it four times because we want to you understand that we're sending the plants, you will plant them in your own container. We will not be sending you a container. Ok, now we've said it six times.)

All you have to decide is:

Each container design is unique and incorporates what's best and most beautiful for your container based on when in the season you order (i.e. late summer plants are different than mid-summer plants, etc.)

  • Small will plant a 12-16" container 
  • Large will plant an 18-20" container

If you need multiple matching containers, just tell us in your order notes.

No custom requests, please. 


Care Instructions:

  1. Feel the soil and If it is moist, you're good. If not, water slowly to ensure the soil is saturated but not muddy
  1. Fertilize every couple of weeks with a 10-10-10 fertilizer applied at the roots
  1. Remove dead blooms
  1. Take off yellow leaves
  1. Talk sweetly to your plants every day :-)