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Tree Removal Bag

Tree Removal Bag

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This handy bag goes under your tree skirt. When the season is over, you remove the skirt and lift the plastic bag over your tree. It captures most of the needles that would otherwise litter your floor as you take it outside for disposal.

When you pick up your tree, or it is delivered, a fresh cut has been made at the bottom of the trunk. The fresh cut removes any “sap cap” that has developed since it was originally harvested and allows the tree to uptake water. 

Your tree needs to get in water - nothing fancy, room temp tap water works - ASAP. If you can’t put it in the stand or get it in the house right away, put it in a bucket of tap water in the garage or somewhere safe from freezing.

Occasionally trees don’t want to uptake water, even with a fresh cut. Let your tree sit in the stand for a day before you put your ornaments on just in case… bonus for your patience: branches relax after the tree is unwrapped so waiting actually makes decorating easier.

Trees are thirsty. Check that stand often and refill - particularly at the beginning. Your tree will start to slow water consumption over time. But those thirsty first few hours/days are critical for a long-lasting, happy tree.

Speaking of long lasting… a well cared for tree can last, without drying out, 4-6 weeks. Like all living things, some might last longer, some shorter. Nature is hard to predict.

Sorry to burst your bubble but any of the “tricks” you may have heard for tree longevity - adding aspirin to the tree’s water, seven-up, gin -  don’t really work. Plain old Chicago’s Finest room temperature tap water is what you want. [You can, however, mix the 7-up and gin into a cocktail for yourself and take the aspirin the next morning…]

If your tree is stubborn and won’t take water after 48 hours, let us know and we’ll replace it. 

Happy Holidays!

DELIVERIES are contact-less and, during the holiday season (Nov 14 - Dec 21), happen seven days a week.


For the time being, floral is being delivered via a separate service from our other products. If you are ordering floral for yourself or as a gift, please do it in a separate order to avoid frustration or confusion. 


For the safety of our delivery drivers they will only take items to your curb, front door or back yard — not up stairs to your roof, not inside your building, except to leave with a door person if necessary... just the curb, front door or back yard. We will not deliver to alleys and we are unable to deliver to community gardens, the address needs to be a residence or business building. No exceptions, sorry.

Our drivers will kindly refuse any additional tips to take trees or other items into your house for set-up or otherwise. Please do not ask them.

Can I pick up curbside? 

You are welcome to select timed curbside pickup as an option at checkout

At our Lincoln Square shop at 5500 N Western Ave, our convenient loading zone is located directly in front of the Catalpa entrance.

At our Beverly location at 1818 W 99th, you are welcome to pull into the alley next to the building to pick up your order.

In both locations we ask that you put your flashers on while loading.

What time can I pick up my order?

We are offering timed pick-ups for your scheduling convenience. You may select this option at checkout. Please be prompt and arrive within your timeframe. If you can’t make it, please let us know by sending a note to 

Important note about ordering 

If you place an order for multiple products the delivery/curbside options will default to the date of the product that is available last. If you encounter this issue and want part of your order earlier, you have two options

  1. (optimal) do two separate orders with like products together in each order
  2. contact us at for additional contact-less delivery or curbside pick up options.

What if my order contains living things and the weather is cold?

If your order contains living things (like houseplants) we recommend you be home to receive them. Or, if they’re a gift, the recipient should be home to receive them. With COVID it seems more people are home and this shouldn’t be an issue and, as you will see below, our drivers will call to give a heads up when they should arrive approximately. If you, or someone you are gifting, are not home, we will drop off anyway but it might have consequences for living things depending on how cold the weather is. 

What time will my order be delivered?

On the day of your delivery, we will contact you when the driver is leaving our facility with your order and delivery drivers will reach out when they are one stop away. Due to weather, traffic, and other uncontrollable situations we are unable to give a specific delivery time - deliveries will happen between 10am and 6pm.

What is the delivery fee? 

Delivery fees vary by product and distance and will be calculated during the checkout process or indicated in the product description.

What zip codes do you deliver to? 

We deliver to all Chicago zip codes.

I still have questions. Can you help me? 

Please contact us at and we will be delighted to assist you...

UPDATED Saturday, November 21

We continue to fine tune our policies to ensure safety for you and our staff. 

With this in mind, we're changing our hours to 7-days a week, 10-6 to provide more opportunities for shopping which we hope will reduce crowding.

Curbside and delivery are open 7-days as well and our IT elves have added a feature where you can click a button in your confirmation email when you arrive to let us know you're there. That way you don't have to leave your vehicle.

Lincoln Square (5500 N Western) is going to be outdoor only (the shop is too tiny to be safe). We'll have a beautiful selection of trees (and stands), wreaths/swags/mantlepieces, garland and grab-n-go containers. Lincolns square transactions are credit card only.

Beverly (1818 W 99th) is larger inside so we will be permitting 10 customers at a time. We have also created separate entrances and exits. 

At both locations, we may ask you to wait in a queue if crowding seems to make social distancing difficult. 

We have also changed our return policy to all sales final. We cannot accept returns at this time.

As always, we appreciate your support. We know you have many options to spend your hard earned dollars and we appreciate it that you spend them with us.